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I am an African American woman born and raised in Westchester County, NY.  I am the youngest of seven children. While my brothers and sisters where off creating their own lives, I was at home alone with my wild imagination to keep me company. From a very early age I suffered from frequent asthma attacks which kept me isolated from the outside world. On any given day, if I felt well enough, I could be found doodling, making forts for me and my dolls in the TV room or acting out elaborate scenes from my favorite TV shows and creating or designing with whatever was around.   


I developed an interest in making jewelry, collage and painting in my

teens. At the age of 24 I married an amazing man that grew up in the same neighborhood as I did.  While my husband was building his career in Information Technology I was exploring different avenues of creativity and working  for a well known fashion design company in NYC.  After a few years we became the happy parents of identical twin daughters and subsequently moved to Orange County, NY, at which time my creative energy turned to parenting.  As my daughters grew up I became more involved in my profession as an artist and  taught myself the techniques that I am using to date, while my husband was providing the foundation for all of us to grow from.  Our daughters reflect the influences of the comingling of Art and Science in our family (one daughter will pursue a life in science and the other in a life of art).




***1000 Jewelry Inspirations – Beads, Baubles, Dangles and Chains

Sandra Salamony – Quarry Books


 So this is the story about me getting published... In 2008 Sandra Salamony a jewelry designer and writer with Quarry books, reached out to me on Etsy.  She was in the process of putting together a book of inspirational designs by jewelry artists on Etsy at the time, and wanted to know if I would be interested in having some of my work in the book.  After I picked my mouth up off the floor and did a little digging into who Sandra was…I said Yes, of course! I would be honored! 


 I had to get the ball rolling quickly because there was a deadline, and I needed pictures fast. In a panic, I reached out to my artist friends and thankfully a friend’s husband was more than happy to take the pictures I needed, and they were perfect! 


When the book was finally published, I was astounded by the fact that they chose all the designs that I submitted for publication!  All 17 of my designs from, beaded, vintage, and repurposed to mixed media were included in the book.  To this day I am honored to be included in such a beautiful book with the works of some very talented Jewelry Artists!   

This book can be purchased here:

 Selected Shows & Participation:

Cornwall on Hudson Holiday Art Fair, Cornwall, NY  2002 - 2004
Cornwall Arts and Crafts Show, Cornwall, NY 2001 - 2005
New Paltz Holiday Arts & Crafts, New Paltz, NY 2006
Taste of New Paltz Arts & Crafts, New Paltz, NY  2007
Handmade Gallery, Montgomery, NY    2007 -2008
Wallkill River School Holiday Show, Montgomery, NY 2008 - 2016
WolfGang Art Gallery, Montgomery, NY  2012 -2013
Mill Street Loft/ River Center, Beacon, NY 2011
Mill Street Loft Art Gallery; Poughkeepsie, NY 2011
Fall for Art Show and Fundraiser, Kingston, NY  2013 - 2018
Sunflower Art Gallery, Gardiner NY 2015 - 2016
ArtBar Gallery, Kingston, NY 2016

InTheMking, Bethel Woods Center for the  Arts,


Newspaper Articles:

The Cornwall Times, Cornwall, NY, May  2002
The Times Herald Record, Orange County NY May 2002
**Published in:  
1000 Jewelry Inspirations - Beads, Baubles, Dangles 2008
and Chain.  By Sandra Salamony - Quarry Books  
Gallery Representation:  
Handmade Gallery, Montgomery NY 2007-2008
Destinations, Hyannis, Ma  2010 - 2016
Mill Street Loft/ River Center; Beacon, NY 2011
Mill Street Loft Art Gallery; Poughkeepsie, NY 2011
Sunflower Art Gallery, Gardiner, NY 2015
ArtBar Gallery, Kingston, NY 2016
Circle Dots Spheres - Jewelry Catagory  
Sunflower Art Gallery, Gardiner, NY 2016
RiverWinds Gallery, Beacon, NY 2017

The Elizabeth Collection, Cornwall, NY


The Bonnie Brae Soap and Candle Shoppe, Cornwall 2017
Wallkill River School Boutique, Montgomery, NY 2016
Sunflower Art Studio - Fall Pop -up shop 2016

My artist expression is always evolving and currently reflects my increasing interest in and awareness of my African American heritage, my ever growing fascination with gemstones, color and textural combinations in the natural world  and the beauty/nature that surrounds me here in the Hudson Valley.


 Artist Statement: My ethnic heritage and experiences are my greatest influences.  I enjoy working three dimensionally, as it is an intuitive process.   I enjoy the tactile nature of combining various methods of construction, such as forging, stamping and etching metal, wire wrapping and weaving, beading, resin casting and the inclusion of relic-like found objects and artifacts in my pieces.  I also enjoy mixed-media collage and  the use of paint, paper, fabric, fibers, resin, wood and clay in my work as well. I am fascinated with the results when a combination of these materials and methods comes together in a completed piece to evoke a unique ethnic feeling that tells a story.


Contact me if you are interested in a commissioned piece and I will work with you to create the one of  a kind piece of your dreams.


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